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Embed innovation in your corporate strategy

Standing still is...

In this digital era, standing still is the fastest way of moving backwards. In an ever faster changing world, you must stay up to date with innovations to stay competitive. Yet not all novelties are worth the effort. The trick is to determine for yourself what your company needs, now and in the future.

Change projects

Organizations that fully realize this, are actively engaged in innovation. Count on us for your change projects. An innovation strategy is only the starting point. We don’t stop there: we guide you through the entire process.

Practice what you preach

We have always been involved in bridging the gap between business and IT. We are used to working in a fast-paced sector. Under the motto “practice what you preach”, we live our own customer advice every day. Count on our new, dedicated team.

Business incubator

We help start-up companies to develop by giving access to our Tobania network.

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Start-up accelerator

In a hands-on way, our venturing team helps entrepreneurs on their way to success.

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Open innovation

Organizations need to collaborate more with other parties, in innovative ecosystems. That’s the only way to ensure disruptive innovation.

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