Security Management

Making balanced risk-based decisions

Hunting for cyber threats

With automation you improve security while reducing costs. Handle more incidents with fewer people, increase your performance and avoid security issues thanks to UEBA and machine learning.

Increasing security maturity

Tobania’s 24x7 Cyber Defence Services couple smart people with smart technology. Our goal? Providing a unique, real-time view of threats in the core of an organisation’s environment using next-generation behavioural and machine-learning technologies.

Made-to-measure solutions

Our customers can choose between tried-and-true solutions or innovative technology providing state-of-the-art security and threat detection. Whichever you prefer, Tobania guarantees an effective security solution.

Threat surface reduction, based on specific organisational risks, is key to grow in security maturity.


Philippe Michiels

To learn from incidents and react efficient on attacks, it's necessary to determine a strategy in advance.


Building threat resilience

Against cyber attacks and failure.

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