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  • Thursday 10 January
  • Tobania
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TobTalk with Dominique Monami

Dominique Monami gave us tips about how to boost energy at work.

At Tobania, we believe our employees are priceless. Therefore, we want to offer them every chance to develop their personal talents and professional competences. Those who want to, can even call upon our own TobTalks. Getting inspired by other Tobians or external experts. That's what these sessions are all about.

In the first session, Dominique Monami gave us tips about how to boost energy at work.

As work gets busier and days wear on, it gets more and more difficult to maintain a high level of energy. Our life is busy: workload is high, and our private agenda might be even busier. Having enough energy to tackle all these responsibilities is the foundation to get things done.
3 sorts of energy
Before we delve on how to increase our energy, it’s important to know that people have three sources of energy: mental, emotional and physical. Each type has a different but important impact on how we feel. Every little situation in our life has a positive or negative impact on our energy level. Moreover, we do not always have control on situations.

Our three energy sources are:

  • Mental: focus, concentration, strategy, thinking
  • Emotional: empathy, self-confidence, knowing our strong points and weaknesses
  • Physical: health, Mother Nature, sleep, food, physical condition
We can compare these three types of energy with communicating vessels: they influence and impact each other. According to Dominique, the physical sources might be the greatest enemy for our energy. If your body is weak or ill, it does not function well and impacts the two other sources of energy. 
Tips and tricks for more energy 
To increase your energy level, you can do simple but important small things:
  • Sleep between 6 and 9 hours a night (you cannot recuperate sleep, sleeping more than 9 hours has a negative effect on your energy)
  • Drink 1.5 litres of water a day
  • Take a break and go for lunch in the afternoon, it makes you less tired
  • Make time for a 20 min powernap when you feel tired – an energy dip comes usually after 7 to 8 hours after you woke up
  • Take a 10 min break after two hours of working – move around!
  • Find people who give you energy and hang out with them
  • Laugh a lot with your colleagues
  • Celebrate successes with your team
So, in order to master the pace of our daily lives, it is important to maintain our personal balance and to develop our emotional, mental and physical qualities!