Sofie Thielemans

Tobania is expanding its support services

‘Provide, Innovate, Improve’. These are clear keywords that Tobania Support Services uses. Tobania is in fact the biggest independent supplier of support services in the Belgian financial sector. It is now extending that expertise into technical support activities. Director Nicolas Vercauteren makes no secret of his ambition. His division has grown from 80 to 120 staff. By 2021, Tobania Support Services will require 300 staff.  

There are now hardly any major Belgian banks where Tobania does not provide any support services and this service provider is also at home with the Isabel banking platform. “We note that banks are increasingly choosing ‘operational excellence’ in combination with ‘customer centricity’.

Clients are also becoming braver and they require immediate feedback to their questions. A 9 to 5 helpdesk is so 80’s…. Moreover, younger people, the millennials, interact in a completely different way. They are all completely glued to their smartphones,” says Director Nicolas Vercauteren.

He predicts that interaction with banks will become more and more virtual in the next few years. In fact, some agencies are already going full steam on this. Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and innovative technology are becoming key elements in the support model. In fact, the intention is for responses to be automated as far as possible. In addition, most problems must also be solved immediately if possible (first line). And Nicolas Vercauteren intends to commit heavily to this route and to link his support services to a commitment on results. This is indeed already happening today for certain Tobania clients.

The average age of those at Tobania Support Services is 30 years. So they are in fact perfectly placed to exploit new communication channels like video, chat and social media. It is an enthusiastic team but all the staff are ITIL or ‘ Wet Cauwenberghs & Wet Willems’ certified. This is not without importance since most banks offer these support services with Tobania and their own staff.

Nicolas Vercauteren intends to extend this expertise to technical services for larger companies. All the knowledge is in fact in place. “At the end of the day, it’s about increasing customer satisfaction and building optimum customer loyalty with the end customer.” Tobania Support Services is an incubator of young talent. Provide, Innovate and Improve is not by accident the most important guiding principle.