Customer Support

Creating a distinct commercial advantage

Customers = ambassadors

Satisfied customers are the best ambassadors for your company. Count on us to make the difference. By providing an optimal service, we create a distinct commercial advantage over your competitors.

Providing a total solution

We provide a total solution to facilitate your customer support environment. We staff and manage your contact centre with pre-defined SLA's. Our consultants are all highly educated and certified to tackle your customers’ difficulties.

Tricks of the trade

It’s our daily job to make each of your customers a happy and loyal one. Since Tobania is a service company itself, we know the tricks of the trade. Using service-level agreements, we bend over backwards to create added value for our demanding customers.

Customer support extends beyond one service or department.


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To learn from incidents and react efficient on attacks, it's necessary to determine a strategy in advance.


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‘Provide, Innovate, Improve’. Clear keywords.

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